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❌SOLD❌ HarpGear Double Trouble HG2 Harmonica Amp Tweed, 2018


The HarpGear Double Trouble HG2 tube harmonica amp is hand built in Ocala Florida by Brian Purdy. One of the most portable amps HarpGear offers, Double Trouble delivers 18 watts through a pair of 8 inch speakers, here Weber 8sigA 15 watt, 4 Ohm AlNiCo models.

This HarpGear Double Trouble amp is in excellent condition throughout and is supplied with a very nicely fitted CoverAmp padded cover.

Here’s the builder on the HarpGear Double Trouble HG2:

“The Double Trouble is HarpGear’s first mid sized amp which achieves 18W using a fixed bias class AB push pull 6V6 setup. This amp is setup specifically for harmonica and uses all of our standard harp amp modifications we have become known for. This amp was designed to add flexibility to our amp line and allow you to play in more medium sized venues with the confidence of knowing you won’t need to mic the amp or connect the line out to the sound board. The line out option is still standard for those who want to use it but the chances of you needing it are much less with the power this amp has.

The standard Double Trouble uses two Weber signature series speakers (ceramic x1 and alnico x 1) with one 12AY7 preamp tube and two 6V6 power tubes. This amp uses a solid state rectifier but your ears wouldn’t know it with the design we use. We opted to go with the solid state rectifier because it allows us to keep the amp smaller without sacrificing any tone. The tone control acts more like a high roll off allowing you to play with more highs when your session requires or allowing you to roll off the highs from the amp and get even more bass and distortion with less feedback.

This amp has an oversized output transformer like the other amps and even more great bass to really accentuate those low notes while your playing. The tube configuration for this amp is as follows: (2) 6V6GT power tube (1) 12AY7 preamp tube. This amp is 18″H X 14.5″W x 9″D and weighs 18lbs. We went higher than wider on this one to make it easier to find room on stage and still give you a cabinet that is big enough to get great resonance. This amp will generate 18 watts of power which comes across loud.

Players use this amp for small to medium gigs with great success with no assistance. This amp can easily be used for large venues by connecting the line out to the PA and you will get the same great tone the amp is known for as loud as you or the soundman would like. This allows you to use the amp as a monitor and the PA to get you heard over the rest of the band. This amp is available in aged tweed only.”

Price: $899.99 CAD
  • Model: Double Trouble HG2 Tweed
  • Year: 2018 |
  • Class: Used
  • Serial Number: HO1155, built during 2018 in Ocala FL
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Date Posted: 26/05/2022

  • This item has sold
  • Consignment Item

  • Including Soft case
  • Weight: 22.4lbs 10.182kgs
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