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SOLD Marshall JTM45 O/S “Offset Stack” No. 36 of 300, 2000


Seen here is an extraordinary reissue of an exceedingly rare amp – the Marshall JTM45 O/S Offset Stack head and 4×12 cabinet. The ‘Offset’ term refers to the location of the chassis and controls in the head, offset to the right. This effect can be seen more clearly in the rear view.

Very few JTM45 O/S amps were built – some sources say three, others as many as six, with the circuitry based on the 1959 5F6A Fender Bassman. In 2000 for the new century, Marshall decided to reproduce these first amps in a limited run of 300. All were pre-sold in three lots of 100 to Europe, North America and Japan. Significant efforts were made by Marshall and their original suppliers to get as close as possible to the original parts and construction. The amps are hand-built on turret boards mounted on a folded aluminum chassis.

This Marshall JTM45 O/S example is number 36 of 300 and is in excellent condition with the COA booklet that also contains the user guide. The original padded covers for both the head and 4×12 cabinets are included. There is some light scuffing on the lower rear corners of the cabinet covering.

These amps are regarded as both very good sounding and very loud!

A Note about the listed weight: The combined weight for the head and cabinet is 105.7 pounds or 48.04kg. The head itself weighs 30.7 pounds or 19.95kg, and the 4×12 cabinet 75 pounds or 34.09 kg.

In 1962, Jim Marshall connected with Dudley Craven and Ken Bran to build a new high-powered amp. This new amp drew heavily from the 1959 Fender Bassman 5F6A circuit, but with a number of changes some of which were due to parts availability. For example, the preamp tubes in the 5F6A were 12AT7’s, and this was changed to a 12AX7 for more gain. The power tubes were changed from 5881 or 6L6 to KT66. The transformer sets were sourced in the UK rather than the US, and the UK transformers added volume. Additionally, Fender used steel for their chassis, and Marshall used Aluminum. Many small changes led to noticeable differences.

JTM stood for Jim (Marshall), Terry (Marshall) and Mick (Borer). Terry and Mick left the company in 1968, and the designation changed to JMP for Jim Marshall Products.

Price: $4850.00 CAD
  • Model: Marshall JTM45 O/S "Offset Stack"
  • Year: Current |
  • Class: Used
  • Serial Number: 36/300, built during 2000 in Bletchley, England
  • Country of Origin: UK
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Date Posted: 16/12/2023

  • This item has sold
  • Consignment Item

  • Including original Soft case
  • Weight: 105.7lbs 48.04kgs
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