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Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 25 1×12 Combo


The Rectifier series has been a household name for many years. In the late 90s and early 2000s, one couldn’t see anything else except these amps on artist stages as Rectifiers such as the dual rectifier and triple rectifier, became the dominant sound of the era and can be heard on countless rock, hard rock and metal albums. Comparatively, the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb was the jack-of-all-trades version, encompassing a cleaner clean channel, more headroom and more usable reverb.

New for this generation of guitarists is the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 1×12 combo, retaining all the similar Rectifier series features and more.

The Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 1×12 combo offers the same tonal glory as the original Rectoverb Heads in the early 2000s, but with a much friendlier master volume, along with the multi-watt options, and more usable independent (per channel) all-tube, long-spring reverb.

The Modern setting will get you into the familiar Rectifier distortion that we all know and love while the Vintage setting retains the thick, more rounded, classic high gain tones from the earlier models.

Paired with a classic, the Celestion vintage 30 speaker, an all tube-buffered effects loop, the Mesa Boogie Recto-Verb 1×12 combo is fully-loaded with everything you need and ready for any gig for any size.

The original single-button channel footswitch and soft slip cover are included.

Price: $2549 CAD
  • Model: Recto-Verb 25
  • Year: Current |
  • Class: New
  • Serial Number: Varies as New
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Date Posted: 08/11/2023

  • Consignment Item

  • Including original Soft case
  • Weight: 41lbs 18.63kgs
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