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NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! Nice Rack ‘Cover Band’ Custom Pedalboard


This Nice Rack ‘Cover Band’ Custom Pedalboard is one of a pair of purpose-built units, created and basically never used. While this board was built for a ‘Cover Band’ project, the other board – listed separately – was aimed at a Blues Band project.

If you’re used to seeing most pedalboard assemblies, the Nice Rack Cover Band Custom is a revelation. The design is thorough and comprehensive, the materials used are high quality, and the construction is top notch. These were not inexpensive builds, and it’s clear why. The effects are all high end, and the work is both complex and faultless.

Sold with its original Custom gig bag made by Studio Slips, which contains the extra, custom cables.

These two boards were custom built by Mike Vegas at Nice Rack on Villiers Street in Toronto. Their Cherry Street Port Lands location, at Villiers and Munition Street is historic. During the World Wars, these lands and buildings were used for manufacture of war materiel and the building now named ‘Munitions Factory’ is still in use. Aside from Nice Rack, the building contains Cherry Beach Sound recording and rehearsal studios, where many prominent artists and bands have rehearsed and recorded.

Nice Rack ‘Cover Band’ Custom Pedalboard Components:

RJM Music PBC 6X MIDI Controlled Loop Wired System with Dynamic Re-order Per Preset Capabilities

Purchaser of the system will receive a Signal Flow chart & Quick Start Instruction Guide. The purchaser of the system will also receive a 30 minute telephone call for an overview of the system.

The Custom Built System Interface Features Include:

  • Input Buffer
  • Fuzz Buffer
  • Split Buffer with Outputs to Dry Amp & Wet Effects
  • Summing Mixer to Sum Dry & Wet Signal in case only 1 Amp is in use.
  • Output Buffer
  • Carbon Battery or Power Supply Voltage to Fuzz Pedal Switching Circuit
  • 2x 9VDC to 18VDC Summing Circuit for 18VDC supply to Cali 76 Compressor
  • Tuner Constant Input Circuit in Parallel with the System Output

Custom Built Expression Switching Box #1 & #2 features include:

  • Sync’d & Ground Isolated Tap Tempo to H9, Flint & Delay
  • Mod Switch connection to Amaze1 controller for AnalogMan Delay
  • Global Boost Switch to Activate RC Boost Effects Loop on 6X Switcher
  • Per Preset Assignable Switch for Toggle or Momentary switching of MIDI controllable parameters in the system

System Power Supply by Voodoo Lab.

The system is wired with Evidence Audio Monorail cable & SquarePlug plugs for audio, with Canare GS4 Cable & Switchcraft plugs for power.”

Price: $5999.99 CAD $8000.00 CAD
  • Model: 'Cover Band' Custom Pedalboard
  • Year: Current |
  • Class: Used
  • Serial Number: N/A, custom built late 2021 in Toronto, Canada
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Condition: Near Mint
  • Date Posted: 09/05/2023

  • This item has sold
  • Consignment Item

  • Weight: 46lbs 20.90kgs
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