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❌SOLD❌ Roland SPH-323 Analog Phase Shifter Rack Mount, 1983


Here is a rare item, dating back to the 1980’s and the rise of professional grade rack mount signal processing – a 1983 Roland SPH-323 analog mono phase shifter, built largely of discrete components in Japan.

Launched in 1980 as part of the RSS Series, the Roland SPH-323 offers twin LFO (low frequency oscillators), and 4 and 8 stage phasing. To allow connection with a synth, CV control for depth and rate, Mod Out jacks on the front – inverted and non inverted – are provided. There is also a remote switch jack and a front-panel guitar input jack. The rear panel offers XLR and 1/4 inch inputs outputs and a 1/4 inch output for a guitar amp. A grounding lug allows the unit to be connected to a complete system ground.

The original CSA approval sticker is still on the back of the unit. Many devices now use external power supplies or adapters, because obtaining a CSA approval for an generic supply is much easier than providing examples of a low-production item.

The SPH-323 delivers rich, deep sweeping tones. Being analog, it does have a bit of noise that would not be present in a digital design, but it also has a variability that the finite resolution of a digital unit cannot provide.

This unit has been stored in a rack for some years, and there is a bit of corrosion on some of the jacks and casing. It is however in good working order, and has that amazing 1980’s sound.

The RSS Roland Studio Series included models like the SDD-320 Dimension D Chorus, SBF-325 Flanger, SIP-300 guitar preamp, and the PH-830, a stereo version of the phase shifter. While these were all excellent units and very well made, the rise of digital technology and trend towards compact packaging ended the series after a few years. The series components are still sought after by those looking for quality vintage sounds.


Price: $1200 CAD
  • Model: SPH-323
  • Year: 1983 |
  • Class: Vintage
  • Serial Number: 937305
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Condition: Good
  • Date Posted: 14/02/2019

  • This item has sold
  • Consignment Item

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