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T REX Moller Overdrive *No Longer Available / Discontinued

NOTE:  We have discontinued this item.   Please contact us for other related equipment.   This post is maintained for historical and reference purposes. 

So take a mild overdrive pedal and inject some steroids into it and you basically will get the T Rex Moller Overdrive by T-Rex. The control layout is straightforward and easy to dial in but there are a few neat features on this.

First off is the voice switch. By pressing the switch in and out, the pedal revealed a Jeckyl and Hyde type flavor. It went for mild to nasty at the flick of the switch. Two guesses as to which setting I preferred.

The other cool feature was the mix control. This knob allows a player to mix in the dry unaffected tone of the amp. This is particularly useful when using the Moller to tweeze out the front end of a Marshall but still keep the original Marshall grit and blend in the boosted sound.

The Mix knob for me was worth the price of admission on this one.

The final cool feature is the boost circuit. There is 20db of clean boost on tap here…that’s more than anyone will ever need.

If versatile and sweet sounding overdrive are your thing, then this is your pedal.


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