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❌SOLD❌ Victoria 20112-T Tweed Tube Amplifier, 2000


Today we’re looking at a Victoria 20112-T Tweed tube amplifier, based on the classic narrow panel 5E3 Deluxe amp built between 1955 and 1960. These amps are ideal for blues-based styles in small to medium venues or feeding a microphone in a studio setting.

This example dates to 2000 and is in great original condition. For tubes, it uses a 5V4, two 6V6 GTs, a 12AX7 WA and a 5771 JAN. The single 12-inch speaker is an 8-ohm Jensen P12R with Alnico magnet. Of course it uses the original style lacquered tweed covering.

Here are some comments from the original owner:

“This amplifier also has a special request option – the factory installed ‘Standby Power Switch’. At the time, Victoria did this by using a 3 position power switch instead of the normal 2 position switch. The middle position of the 3 way switch is now the “OFF” mode. The position labelled ‘ON’ is still ‘ON’. The position labelled ‘OFF’ is now ‘Standby’. This is the way the factory did it in 2000. New Victoria amps now use the ‘Ground’ switch as the separate standby switch.    It’s a simple matter for a qualified tech to install a new 2 position switch if the ‘Standby’ function isn’t wanted. 

Inside the back of the cabinet, there is a white label that shows the serial number (000990) and the recommended tube types. The rectifier can use either a 5V4 or 5Y3. Either tube type can be swapped into the amp without the need for any bias adjustments. The 5V4 raise the voltage on the power tubes by about 30 volts, and sounds tighter and more percussive. The 5Y3 has more sag and is not quite as loud or dynamic. I prefer the 5V4, a pure jazz player would probably like the 5Y3. The 5Y3 tube is the more traditional and common tube to be used in a Tweed Deluxe, so you can change the rectifier tube, but the 5Y3 will not be a NOS tube.

And, here is a listing of the NOS tubes installed in this amplifier, from left to right while facing back of the amp.

V1 Rectifier: NOS 5V4 Sylvania
V2 Power tube: NOS 6V6GT GE
V3 Power tube: NOS 6V6GT GE
V4 preamp: Sovtek 12ax7WA
V5 preamp: NOS 5751 JAN GE (This is a very expensive and hard to find tube. The factory now ships with Electro Harmonix 12AY7).”

Victoria amplifiers are built in Naperville, Illinois by Mark Baier and company.    These top shelf tube amps aim to provide quality tone in low power designs, capturing the tone and craftsmanship of classic Tweed amplifiers from the golden age 1950’s.  Their construction hews closely to the original designs, specifications and construction techniques.

Victoria amps are often used by professionals in recording studios and by serious amateurs who seek vintage tone and performance.   The original 1950’s models are becoming rarer and more valuable, and amps like this give access to classic tones and modern reliability. 

Price: $1699.99 CAD
  • Model: 20112-T
  • Year: 2000 |
  • Class: Used
  • Serial Number: 000990
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Condition: Very Good

  • This item has sold
  • Consignment Item

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