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❌SOLD❌ Vox AC30/6TB Combo Amp, 1999


The Vox AC30/6TB Combo Amp was built from 1994 to 2004, just after Vox ownership passed from Rose Morris to Korg.

Here, we’re looking at a good condition Vox AC30/6TB built during 1999 in England, under the ownership of Korg; the amp itself was built by a well-known contractor, described below. The amp is in overall good condition with some slight Tolex separation on the top. This is a great sounding amp that, “despite” its “moderate” 30-watt output, can easily fill a good sized room.

Following the 1992 transfer of ownership, Korg worked on new AC30 designs but the former Rose Morris production area was small and outdated. To gain increased and improved production in the short term, Korg engaged another prominent and local builder whose amps they distributed. That builder was Marshall.

These Vox AC30/6TB Top Boost Combo amps were the last built in England for some time, aside from hand-wired limited editions. They were intended to hew closely to the original 1964 JMI and Dick Denny circuits, but with improvements for safety certification and ventilation, and a standby switch. Two versions were offered, the TB and the TBX, the difference being the use of Celestion Greenbacks or Vox Alnico Blues.

One thing that these amps are known for, including this Vox AC30/6TB, is their solid construction. The cabinets are 13-ply 3/4 inch Baltic Birch ply, and this contributes to them weighing in around 70 pounds.

The tube rank includes four EL-84 power tubes, five ECC83 preamp tubes, one ECC82 for the reverb and one GZ34 rectifier tube.

Price: $1850.00 CAD
  • Model: AC30/6TB
  • Year: 1999 |
  • Class: Used
  • Serial Number: M1999421911B, Built during 1999 in England by Marshall for Korg
  • Country of Origin: England
  • Condition: Good
  • Date Posted: 19/01/2023

  • Consignment Item

  • Weight: 70.4lbs 32kgs
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