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❌SOLD❌ Vox AC30c2 2×12 30 Watt Tube Combo Amplifier, 2013


The Vox AC30 c2 is one of the latest production versions of the classic Vox twin-twelve, 30 watt tube amplifier and delivers bright, clear chime and overdrive at respectable volumes.

First appearing in 1960, the Vox AC30 was a high-powered monster for the time and quickly found its way onto many stages throughout the UK and Europe. However, even these 30 to 36 watt amps were not enough to overcome the raw volume of screaming audiences. Soon, power levels took off, and that led to the introduction of higher powered transistor amps like the 120 watt, 4×12 Super Beatle – these transistor amps are considerably lighter than tube amps of comparable power.

These Vox amps are still key to the sound of many guitarists, and have a great sound. The Edge, John Jorgenson, Brian May, Mark Knopfler, Pete Townsend, Mike Campbell and on, are just a few of the artists who have performed and recorded with the AC30.

From time to time I’m drawn down to the sales floor by an exceptionally good sound, and it’s not unusual for the amp involved to be an AC30. Despite being 30 watts – between a Fender Deluxe and Vibrolux Reverb – these amps are rather loud and cut through.

Here we’re looking at a recent Vox AC30 C2, built during 2013 at the Vox China facility under the supervision of Vox UK. This amp is in good condition, and its speakers have been replaced with Alnico Blue models. The Tolex covering is in good shape with only light scuffing and some dust.

Price: $765 CAD
  • Model: AC30 C2
  • Year: 2013 |
  • Class: Used
  • Serial Number: 112-005568
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Condition: Good
  • Date Posted: 28/06/2019

  • This item has sold
  • Consignment Item

  • Weight: 70.99lbs 32.2kgs
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