Bluegrass Night With Jacobe Lauzon and “Backcountry” – 13 May


Bluegrass Night With Jacobe Lauzon and Backcountry - The Twelfth Fret

Bluegrass Night With Jacobe Lauzon and “Backcountry”

Join us for a night of Bluegrass Music with Jacobe Lauzon and Backcountry. Steeped in tradition, passion and talent, Backcountry plays the kind of hard-driving and soft-hearted bluegrass music you know and love. This lineup of award-winning musicians have formed a band built on a reverence for the old standards, a fearlessness in playing with new sounds, and years of friendship and musical collaboration.  Jacobe will be on guitar with Backcountry members Marc Roy on mandolin, Alanna Jenish on fiddle, Dave Lang on bass, and Luke Puckrin on banjo.



The Twelfth Fret  


Monday 13 May, 2019  


 7:00 – 8:45 P.M.  


$20.00  which gets you entry PLUS a $20.00 Twelfth Fret Gift Card, redeemable for full face value during normal store hours

Please RSVP via our Contact Form or by phone. Only 20 spots are available for this event.