“Formby Strums” Ukulele Night With Douglas John Cameron – Monday 2 December

Ukulele Night with Douglas John Cameron - The Twelfth Fret

Ukulele Night with Douglas John Cameron – Monday, 2 December, 2019

Join us for another fun, instructional Ukulele Night with host Douglas John Cameron on Monday 2 December, 2019. 

The evening’s theme – Formby Strums” – will be an introduction to the strumming techniques that gave George Formby his unique style. A step-by-step tutorial through the “Triple Stroke”, the “Fan Stroke” and the “Split Stroke”, as applied to one of Formby’s most famous tunes “Leaning on a Lamppost”.

George Formby was not just the most popular and successful entertainer of his time, he was also an extraordinary ukulele player. From his beginnings in music halls to his starring roles in motion pictures, Formby influenced generations of ukulele players.

Bring your ukulele and play along. If you wish to use one of our in-store ukuleles – please note in your RSVP.

Tablature versions of the featured songs will be available.



WHERE:  The Twelfth Fret  
WHEN:  Monday 2 December, 2019
TIME:   7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
PRICE:    $20.00 per person which includes your $20.00 Twelfth Fret Gift Card, redeemable for full value during normal store hours.

*Please RSVP via our Contact Form or by phone. Only 20 spots are available for this event.

See you then!

More About Douglas John Cameron

Douglas Cameron’s ukulele career began at the age of six when his dad presented him with a ukulele and Mel Bay’s “Learn To Play Ukulele in Five Minutes”. He composed the score for “Big and Small” (Treehouse TV) on ukulele and lap steel. He leads ukulele workshops and for several years conducted a monthly uke night at The Rooster Coffeehouse in Toronto. His teaching philosophy is that everyone can learn and that you have more musical skills in you that you imagine. 

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