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16 Fret Neck Joint

Gibson Memphis ES330 VOS Sunburst, 2013

Gibson Memphis ES330 VOS Sunburst, 2013

The Gibson Memphis ES330 VOS model is now discontinued, along with the Memphis plant, but is a great re-creation of a late 1950’s ES-330. Introduced in 1959, the ES-330 took visual cues from the new and very successful ES-335, but is uses a fully hollow body without a solid center block. A pair of under-wound P-90s provide great tone. Until about 1963, the ES330 and its cousin the Epiphone Casino set the neck joint at the 16th fret but subsequently the joint was shifted to the 19th fret, allowing easier access to higher frets.

Price: $4,250.00 CAD

❌SOLD❌ Epiphone Elite 1965 Casino Natural, 2003

❌SOLD❌  Epiphone Elite 1965 Casino Natural, 2003

The Epiphone Elite 1965 Casino recalls one of the most famous guitars – the one played by John Lennon on many recordings. In fact, Lennon, McCartney and Harrison all had Casinos and McCartney still uses his.   There were many other Casino players,  including members of the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys. Originally built as a Sunburst model, by 1968 (during the White Album sessions) Lennon had the finish stripped off, with two coats of thin clear lacquer re-applied.    It was felt that this improved the tone and resonance of the guitar, and this look has become a de facto standard, especially without the pickguard. 

Price: $1,500.00 CAD

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