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Gibson Les Paul Classic 60’s Reissue Honey Burst, 2005

Gibson Les Paul Classic 60's Reissue Honey Burst, 2005

The Gibson Les Paul Classic appeared during 1990 as a reissue of the 1960 Les Paul model, with its key feature being a slim neck profile. This model has been produced in three stretches – from 1990 to 1998, from 2000 to 2008, and since 2014. The headstock decal originally read ‘Les Paul Model’ as the originals did, and this was changed to ‘Les Paul Classic’ in 1993. The pickguard is also engraved with ‘1960’.

Price: $1750 CAD

❌SOLD❌ Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherryburst, 1998

❌SOLD❌ Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherryburst, 1998

The Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherryburst, named as the Standard, didn’t appear until 1959 but in its sunburst form dates to 1958 and the move away from the Goldtop finish. The ‘Standard’ engraved truss rod cover came into use during 1976, At first appearance in 1952, the Les Paul model bore the familiar gold-top, and in 1954 the Les Paul Custom appeared in black, along with the Les Paul Junior. In 1955 the Les Paul Special was launched, without the carved Maple cap. Finishes included the ‘TV’ tint, intended to make the guitar better visible on black and white televisions.

Price: $1999.99 CAD

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