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⚌Reduced‼ Schecter C1 Apocalypse Rust Grey, 2017

⚌Reduced‼ Schecter C1 Apocalypse Rust Grey, 2017

Here we have a Schecter C1 Apocalypse hardtail model sporting a Rust Grey finish on a carved top Swamp Ash body. The neck is Maple with Padauk layers plus carbon fiber inserts, and an Ebony fingerboard with 24 Stainless Steel frets! Built in Incheon, South Korea during 2017, this Schecter C1 Apocalypse is a very solid and versatile guitar, oriented towards a heavier sound. As a hard tail, it’s built for stability. The body is Swamp Ash with a carved top, and the neck uses three sections of Maple with two layers of Padauk.

Price: $999.99 CAD $1,150.00 CAD

SOLD Schecter E1 SLS Elite Through-Neck Electric Black Fade Burst

SOLD Schecter E1 SLS Elite Through-Neck Electric Black Fade Burst

The Schecter E1 SLS Elite is Schecter Guitar Research’s take on the outrageous but instantly recognisable Gibson Explorer style body shape, with some influences from the Ibanez Iceman in the mix. This guitar shape basically screams rock and roll! Their version makes some subtle aesthetic changes to the silhouette but the major differences are in the feature sets and ergonomics. The body is made of swamp ash which is generally a fairly light weight wood. That is important for maintaining a comfortable playing weight with a guitar as large as this.

Price: $1,899.00 CAD

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