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Fender Telecaster Blonde Maple Neck, 1973

Fender Telecaster Blonde Maple Neck, 1973

The Fender Telecaster blonde is arguably one of the most significant musical instruments ever produced, and certainly the most successful. Produced without major changes for closing in on 70 years, the Telecaster and its original translucent blonde finish has been used for nearly every genre of music.  The first production examples of what became the Telecaster and its Esquire version appeared in 1950. Since then, wood selections, pickup construction and hardware have evolved somewhat, but the basic design is unchanged.

Price: $3850 CAD

❌ SOLD ❌ Fender Telecaster Blonde, 1976

❌ SOLD ❌ Fender Telecaster Blonde, 1976

The Fender Telecaster Blonde was arguably the first successful production electric guitar, and it has been continuously made since the early 1950’s without major changes.

Price: $2599.99 CAD

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