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Charvel ProMod DK 24HH 2PT CM

Charvel ProMod DK 24HH 2PT CM

Charvel guitars have a long standing reputation as the guitar for choice for modern players looking for a fast playing feature laden instrument. The new Charvel ProMod DK 24HH 2PT CM model from the Pro-Mod series boasts a feature set and playability that will rival instruments double the price. The first thing you may notice is the lovely roasted maple neck. In addition to the rich visual aesthetic the process of roasting the maple and taking out moisture makes for a more stable neck that won’t shift as much during seasonal and humidity changes. If you do need to adjust the neck there is a heel mounted truss rod adjustment wheel which makes small changes a breeze.


❌SOLD❌ Charvel Dinky DK24 HH 2PT Black, 2019

❌SOLD❌ Charvel Dinky DK24 HH 2PT Black, 2019

This Charvel Dinky DK24 features an Alder body, caramelized or ‘roasted’ Maple 24-fret neck,  and Duncan pickups – a Full Shred in the bridge position and 59 at the neck.     The tuners are the original Charvel branded models;  the owner had installed a set of staggered-post tuners, and then re-installed the originals.   This guitar has a great setup and plays extremely well.    

Price: $975.00 CAD

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