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❌SOLD❌ National Dynamic Lap Steel Red and White, 1962

❌SOLD❌ National Dynamic Lap Steel Red and White, 1962

The National Dynamic Lap Steel was built from 1961 to 1968 for National String Instrument Corporation by Valco in Chicago, Illinois. National at this point had fallen far from its heyday after inventing the Resophonic guitar (plus mandolin and ukulele) to provide more volume to working guitarists. It was founded by guitarist George Beauchamp and luthier John Dopyera in 1927. Dopyera left National to form, with his brothers, the DoBro company in 1928 and produced single cone resonator models. Dopyera purchased a controlling share of National in 1932 and merged National and DoBro production. Many instruments like the National Dynamic lap steel were produced, along with matching amplifiers.   

Price: $750 CAD

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