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Electric Double Spanish

❌SOLD❌ Gibson EDS 1275 Doubleneck Guitar Cherry, 1997

❌SOLD❌ Gibson EDS 1275 Doubleneck Guitar Cherry, 1997

This is one of the most recognizable guitars in the world, though it is not common – the Gibson EDS 1275 Doubleneck has become an iconic instrument seen in larger shows. EDS stands for Electric Double Spanish, with Spanish referring to the way the guitar is held – as distinct from Hawaiian or lap models.  Most of the double neck models we see are copies, but this is the real deal! The concept of the double neck guitar may draw from the Harp Guitar, which appeared in the early 19th century, and from the very few double neck guitars from the 17th century. Gibson began producing a few double neck instruments in the late 1950’s, including a semi-hollow, carved spruce topped model with lower 6-string and upper octave necks.

Price: $5,500.00 CAD

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