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❌SOLD❌ Ibanez 2461 Johnny Smith ‘Lawsuit Era’ Archtop Electric Natural, 1975

❌SOLD❌  Ibanez 2461 Johnny Smith 'Lawsuit Era' Archtop Electric Natural, 1975

Here we have an Ibanez 2461 Johnny Smith style, full body cutaway archtop, built in Japan likely during 1975. The model was built until 1977. Typical of the early 1975 period, it has no serial number – these started appearing on the back of the headstock late 1975. It is largely original, though it has a slight modification – the output jack was a mini-plug mounted on the pickguard, and this was removed and a standard 1/4 inch jack installed to the lower treble side.

Price: $2250 CAD

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