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❌SOLD❌ Fender Stratocaster Hard Tail Sunburst, 1978

❌SOLD❌ Fender Stratocaster Hard Tail Sunburst, 1978

Here we have a Fender Stratocaster HardTail, built at the Fullerton plant during 1978, during the CBS era. The HardTail version was made from 1955 until 2006, when poor sales caused Fender to drop the HardTail model. The two Stratocaster versions are very similar, but the fixed hardtail bridge model doesn’t have the large cavity routed on the back for the trem block and springs. Without that cavity and the spring components, the Fender Stratocaster HardTail tends to have a bit more sustain and note-to-note clarity and separation, as with the Telecaster. Of course, this means it does not have the ‘built-in reverb’ contributed by the springs, whether the bridge is set to trem use, or fully tightened down for tuning stability.

Price: $2,350.00 CAD

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