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❌SOLD❌ Fender Mustang Refinished Black, 1965

❌SOLD❌ Fender Mustang Refinished Black, 1965

This Fender Mustang guitar is in good playing condition and sounds great. The original grey hard shell case is included, with some graffiti it has acquired over the years. The Mustang features a trem system using a rocking bridge and elevated string bar tailpiece, the springs being located under the chrome bridge plate. Overall, this design shares several elements of the Jazzmaster / Jaguar trem bridge.

Price: $1199.99 CAD

❌SOLD❌ Fender Mustang Solidbody Guitar Red, 1966

❌SOLD❌ Fender Mustang Solidbody Guitar Red, 1966

This particular Fender Mustang dates to 1966 at the Fullerton California Fender plant, recently purchased by CBS and at the point where changes really started to show up. For example, the 1966 Mustang has a larger headstock, new decal, and F-stamped neck plate. The construction is typical Fender, with a Poplar or Mahogany body, Maple neck with bonded Rosewood fingerboard bolted on.

Price: $1550.00 CAD

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