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La Petite Rougette

❌ SOLD ❌ Michael A Lewis ‘Le Petite Rougette’ Archtop Guitar Red, 2009

❌ SOLD ❌ Michael A Lewis 'Le Petite Rougette' Archtop Guitar Red, 2009

Michael A Lewis builds very high quality archtop guitars and mandolins in his Grass Valley, California workshop. For a time, Lewis built authorized replicas of D’Angelico instruments though this arrangement has come to an end. He builds largely to order, though some instruments are available from stock. Built for the 2009 Montreal Guitar Show as part of the ‘Red Collection’, this Michael A Lewis ‘Le Petite Rougette’ archtop is an excellent illustration of Lewis’s skill. Fully acoustic with an Bartolini jazz pickup mounted to the fingerboard and pickup, this guitar is in excellent condition.

Price: $6999.00 CAD

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