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Les Paul Tribute

Gibson Les Paul Tribute Satin Cherry Sunburst

Gibson Les Paul Tribute Satin Cherry Sunburst

The Gibson Les Paul Tribute is a guitar that both respects its lineage and uses some modern design elements to produce a cool vibe and playing experience. This particular guitar features a Cherry Sunburst with satin nitrocellulose finish. The satin finish looks great and will help to not show finger print smudges from playing. Another great feature on the Gibson Les Paul Tribute is the Ultra modern weight relief. This process retains a solid core of mahogany under the maple cap while chambering around the perimeter. The provided weight relief is substantial and really lightens the load on your shoulder when playing for longer periods of time. Unlike a full chambered design the solid core limits the effect on the overall tone.

Price: $1,699.00 CAD


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