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Fender Player Jaguar Bass Tidepool Blue 2018

Fender Player Jaguar Bass Tidepool Blue 2018

Here’s a cool new bass from Fender’s Player Series – the Fender Player Jaguar Bass. It’s built in Corona, Mexico and is affordably priced new take on a P-J bass with an offset body!
This new design starts with proven principles that deliver reliability and tonal versatility. A one-piece Maple neck is paired with an offset Alder body, and a P-J pickup set – that’s a Precision Bass style pickup, with a Jazz Bass bridge pickup with individual volume and master tone controls- handles the electronics. A fully adjustable Fender bridge and open-gear tuners complete the hardware.

Price: $999.00 CAD

❌SOLD❌ Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass Export Black, 2011

❌SOLD❌   Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass Export Black, 2011

The Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass is built in Japan at the Fuji-Gen plant that makes so many quality instruments. Here we’re seeing an Export model, identified by the matching black headstock.  On models intended for sale within Japan, the headstock. Drawing from the very popular P-J concept, the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass has the general outlines of the classic Jazz Bass, but adds a Precision Bass type pickup in the middle position of its Basswood body. 

Price: $1,099.00 CAD

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