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Lucca LS1C ‘Gary Benson’ Archtop Electric Guitar Natural, 2002

Lucca LS1C 'Gary Benson' Archtop Electric Guitar Natural, 2002

The Lucca LS1C is a standard model for Ron Lucca, who has been building guitars and working with musical instruments including high end pianos since 1969. The late Toronto Jazz Guitarist Gary Benson had an LS1C built for himself. This guitar was ordered with options to replicate it. Ronald Lucca built his first classical guitar in 1969, and the next year entered an apprenticeship at the Steinway Piano Company in Philadelphia. He worked with pianos for some time, and went back to University ultimately earning a Masters in Music Therapy from Temple University. He also became the official supplier for Ebony Benedetto tailpieces and finger-rests.

Price: $1875 CAD

American Archtop Unger American Dream Archtop Guitar Natural, 2002

American Archtop Unger American Dream Archtop Guitar Natural, 2002

This Unger archtop – an American Dream model, was built with solid hand-carved German Spruce top, hand carved European Flame Maple back, and Flame Maple for the sides and neck. The body is unbound. The neck carries an unbound Ebony fingerboard, and Ebony is also used for the bridge, tailpiece, and pickguard. Schaller tuners are mounted on the head and a Kent Armstrong pickup is mounted to the top in the neck position, and volume and tone controls are mounted beside the lower part of the the treble F-hole.

Price: $3999.99 CAD

❌SOLD❌ S S Stewart The Amateur Open Back Banjo, 1899

❌SOLD❌ S S Stewart The Amateur Open Back Banjo, 1899

Shown here is a lovely S S Stewart The Amateur Open Back Banjo, Grade 2 model, built around 1899 after Stewart’s death in April 1898.  The ‘Grade 2’ designation means that it’s a more advanced model, not that it’s a second.
This fine open-back banjo features the original tailpiece, friction tuners, a period Rogers calf skin head and standard dowel stick adjuster system. This is one of the few of these banjos we’ve seen that have all the original finish, hardware, tension hooks and name plaque complete and in place. Apparently the original owner, a Mr. AL M. Dodgson, carved his initials into the dowel stick — no doubt a hundred years ago or more.

Price: $750 CAD

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