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Godin Multiac ACS Denim Blue Flame

Godin Multiac ACS Denim Blue Flame

The Godin Multiac ACS SA in Denim Blue Flame is a direct descendant of a Chet Atkins idea and is intended as a ‘crossover’ guitar for those coming to nylon strings from the electric world.    With this in mind, the neck is slightly narrower than a Classical or Flamenco guitar, and the fingerboard is crowned.   The chambered body and solid neck of the Godin ACS SA are Mahogany,  with a Richlite fingerboard – a composite material that does a good job of simulating Ebony.  The top of this model is a figured Maple Veneer with a lovely translucent denim blue shade, providing an unusual and quite attractive appearance.    

Price: $1,550.00 CAD

❌SOLD❌ Godin Multiac Grand Concert Satin Gloss, 2002

❌SOLD❌ Godin Multiac Grand Concert Satin Gloss, 2002

The Godin Multiac Grand Concert has become a very successful and immensely practical instrument, and is based directly on the Gibson Chet Atkins CE Classical Electric from 1981.
By the early 1980s, Chet Atkins had shifted largely to playing nylon string guitars, but the instruments available at the time were strictly acoustic and not really suited to the realities of touring, and amplified or broadcast stages. On Atkin’s request, Gibson produced two models of a solidbody nylon string guitar, using Mahogany for the neck and a slab body, adding a Spruce top.

Price: $1,100.00 CAD

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