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⚌Reduced‼ Fender Precision Bass Maple Neck Black, 1975

⚌Reduced‼ Fender Precision Bass Maple Neck Black, 1975

Here we have a handsome, almost all original, Fender Precision Bass Maple neck built at the CBS/Fender Fullerton plant in 1975 – the pot codes date to 1974. First appearing in October 1951, the Fender Precision bass was a brilliant piece of industrial design. This innovation brought modern influences to the bass world – such as the ability to reliably and consistently produce a precise pitch, and to play at any volume without feedback. Quickly adopted, the Precision Bass was updated in 1954 to visually match the new Stratocaster, and has been in production with really only minor modifications since then.   The P-Bass is arguably one of the most functionally successful bass instruments ever built, having appeared on more recordings and stages than any other bass. 

Price: $3,450.00 CAD

⚌Reduced‼ Fender Jazz Bass Natural, 1973

⚌Reduced‼  Fender Jazz Bass Natural, 1973

The Fender Jazz Bass made its appearance in 1960 as Fender’s second major bass design after the two versions of the Precision Bass.  Targeted towards the Jazz players still using acoustic instruments, the Jazz Bass offered a punchy, focused tone and a narrow fast fingerboard. Offered with either a Maple or Rosewood fingerboard, this instrument was built until 1981 when it was replaced by the Standard Jazz Bass. The Fender Jazz Bass uses the same proven and highly reliable design concept as other Fender instruments – a Maple neck bolted to an Ash or Alder body.

Price: $2,599.99 CAD


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