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Boucher BG152 Bluegrass Goose Dreadnought

Boucher BG152 Bluegrass Goose Dreadnought

Built in Berthier-sur-Mer Quebec, the Boucher BG152 is a rich, lively and loud dreadnought from the Boucher Bluegrass Goose series of guitars. This impressive dreadnought pairs an AAAA Adirondack Red Spruce top personally selected by Robin Boucher with a lovely set of Madagascar Rosewood.  Red Spruce has a high ceiling for tone production which means you can drive a lot of energy with a flat pick or your fingers to produce lots of volume and tone.

Price: $5,759.00 CAD

❌SOLD❌ Gold Tone IT-250 Irish Tenor Banjo, 2016

❌SOLD❌  Gold Tone IT-250 Irish Tenor Banjo, 2016

The Irish Tenor banjo is specially adapted to Irish and other Celtic music styles, pitched low to co-exist with the Bodhran, pipes and fiddles. The Gold Tone IT-250 Irish Tenor model offers a quality instrument at a reasonable price. The seventeen-fret IT-250’s short scale neck uses heavier strings and is tuned to GDAE, an octave below the mandolin. This setup is in wide use by many traditional Irish musicians because it provides the plunky tone that works so well with the bodhran, pipes and fiddles found in Celtic music ensembles.

Price: $850.00 CAD

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