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❌SOLD❌ Supro Westwood Archtop by Valco, Sunburst 1956

❌SOLD❌ Supro Westwood Archtop by Valco, Sunburst 1956

The Supro Westwood pickup looks like a humbucker, but it’s really a single coil in a large case. The tuners are original single line Kluson models with creme plastic tulip buttons. The nut, tailpiece and bridge are original. The creme plastic pickguard is intact with some of the painted-on striping worn, but is not cracked. The pickup surround has small cracks above the adjustment screw, but is otherwise intact. The original cases for these instruments was fibre (cardboard) with a light, brown cloth lining. That type of case does not usually age well and often disappears with time. A non-original hard shell case is included.

Price: $1450 CAD

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