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Alhambra 10fc Flamenco Blanca Guitar


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The Alhambra 10fc Flamenco guitar is our top-level Alhambra Flamenco Blanca instrument. Built in the traditional manner with superior grade solid German Spruce top and solid Cypress back and sides, mahogany neck and ebony fingerboard and bridge, the Alhambra 10fc has the bright tone and low action characteristic of flamenco guitars. Golpeadores, or tap plates, are installed as stock. This is a professional flamenco guitar for those looking for the maximum quality at a reasonable price.  Guided by traditional design concepts.

Traditionally, light woods like Cypress have been used for the back and sides on Flamenco Blanca models. More recently, Rosewood has been used for a warmer sound and use beyond a strictly flamenco context, and these are known as Flamenco Negra guitars. In either version, the geometry is the same – light construction and low action, to produce a lively, vibrant, responsive and loud guitar.

Setup: We will setup your Alhambra Flamenco guitar to suit your right hand attack. Flamenco guitars use much lower action compared to classical guitars. Flamenco action is generally set at 6/64 (2.3 mm) when measured at the 12th fret position. This enables the player to get lots of string slap or rattle when attacking aggressively. Low action enhances the signature flamenco percussive sound and facilitates fast, single note passages.

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