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Deering Eagle II Aught Six Banjo


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Comments Presenting the Deering Eagle II Aught Six Banjo!

From time to time Deering offers us experimental banjos — banjos from their custom shop that were not ordered by shop or customer.

When Barry Hunn from Deering called and offered me these two banjos I took them in a heartbeat.

An opportunity for a unique banjo without the extra expense of the Deering Custom shop — the proverbial “no- brainer”!!

So…what we have here is the new Eagle 11 inlay package on what we can safely call an Eagle 11 neck. This neck is fitted to a standard, gloss finish pot with a Deering Aught Six tone ring, red maple rim and gloss finish, Zinc flange and maple resonator. The pot is entirely a standard Deering Maple-Deluxe model.

So in effect it is a Maple Deluxe model fitted with an alternate inlay package.

I have been trying to come up with a “witty” name for this banjo; contenders like “Deagle” and “Eagluxe” have been batted around the shop. But I find that Deering beat me to it and formally assigned the name “Eagle II, Aught Six Ring” to the factory label inside the resonator.

So there you have it — a Deering Deluxe Banjo at the regular Deluxe price of $2369 but fitted with the new Eagle II inlay package, and it’s a lovely looking banjo. And, you can confidently say there is only one other banjo like it in the solar system !

Grant MacNeill

Serial Number Varies as new; the instrument shown is 020752 140729. Built at the Deering shop in Spring Valley, California, USA. These are custom instruments and we have two in stock.
Neck Maple neck with unbound ebony fingerboard.
Frets 22 pressed in nickel silver frets, mother of pearl Eagle engraved inlays, nickel plated tuners and 5th string peg.
Body This banjo features the pot and resonator from the ‘Deluxe’ model, but in maple instead of mahogany. A violin-grade 3-ply maple rim is matched to a 20 – hole 06 Bronze tone ring, with a notched brass tension hoop and one piece cast zinc flange. The metal parts are nickel plated.
Finish Clear, mahogany tinted Gloss finish.
Hardware/electronics Nickel plated hardware,planetary banjo tuners with ivoiroid buttons, geared 5th string peg. Deering
Playability/Action As you would expect from a Deering Banjo, this instrument plays very well right out of the box. We will of course perform a setup to the player’s requirements. Check out Please follow this links to see Grant MacNeill giving a tour of Banjo Setups!
Case Deering Hardshell Archtop case included.


Price: $3,089.00 CAD
  • Model: Eagle II Aught
  • Year: Current
  • Class: New
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Condition: Brand New

  • Not Consignment

  • Including Hard case

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