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SOLD!!! Eastman MD815-V F-Style F-Hole Mandolin Antique Varnish


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The Eastman MD815-V F-Style F-Hole Mandolin is one of the most recognisable mandolin designs, based on the groundbreaking work of Orville Gibson in the late part of the 19th century, blending traditional mandolin and violin construction principles.  The F-Style mandolin has become one of the benchmark instruments for country, bluegrass, celtic, and traditional music forms.  And, if you take a listen to Chris Thile, they can do Bach to the full potential of the player.

Closely related to the Eastman MD814-V model, the F soundhole and its enhanced treble attack tilts the Eastman MD815-V towards Bluegrass and Country repertoires, compared to the F-holes on the MD815/V.

Eastman says this about the F-style soundhole found on the MD815/V:

“The sound hole is the determining factor for the tone of your mandolin. F-Holes are known for a tight treble attack and a percussive chop ideal for loud ensemble settings. Oval-Hole mandolins possess throaty and vocal tonal characteristics that are wonderfully compatible with mandolin orchestras and Celtic/folk music.”

These two models, MD814/V and MD815/V with the /V in the name, are finished with an Antique Varnish, hand applied and aged to give the appearance of long use.   This does not provide a ‘poured gloss’ type of surface;  many features of the wood and treatment are allowed to show.

These mandolins are new with full warranty, and come with a hard shell case.


Price: $2,475.00 CAD
  • Model: MD815-V
  • Year: Current
  • Finish Antique Varnish
  • Class: New
  • Serial Number: Varies as New
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Date Posted: 23/07/2018

  • This instrument has been sold
  • Not Consignment

  • Including original Hard case
  • Scale Length: 13.875in 352.43mm
  • Nut Width: 1.093in 28mm
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