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Scheerhorn L-Body Flame Maple Squareneck Resophonic Guitar

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Here is something new, rare and wonderful – a brand-new Scheerhorn L-Body Flame Maple Squareneck Resophonic Guitar, built under license by National Resophonic Guitars in San Luis Opisbo, California.

In 1989, Tim Scheerhorn showed Mike Aldridge his first experimental squareneck and by the end of 1990 Scheerhorn guitars were in the hands of many top pro players and Tim already had a long waiting list.

The Dobro guitar construction style had stayed static since the 1930s with virtually no design changes. Tim Scheerhorn recognized that the tradtional design offered huge potential for improvements, and made a number of changes that revolutionized the instrument.

He entirely re-engineered the entire instrument, making complex changes to the internal construction — a modified soundwell and plastic reflector baffle were added. New wood species, a new saddle, changes to the spider and the use of modern aircraft aluminum alloys and cone spinning techniques were developed.

Scheerhorn resophonic guitars became the benchmark Squareneck Bluegrass instrument, with significant and distinctive increases in volume and richer tone.

Now nearing retirement, Tim wanted to find a creative way to continue his legacy. He teamed up with Don Young and Eric Smith of National Resophonic Guitars.

National Resophonic is licensed to continue the Scheerhorn name and produce these iconic L-Body guitars for future generations.

The distinctive Scheerhorn tone and projection are there, with the build quality and attention to detail we’ve come to expect from National Resophonic.

Scheerhorn guitars by National feature the Scheerhorn L-body design, using solid flame maple with the innovative Scheerhorn internal plastic bass reflector and no soundwellm, sporting a gloss sunburst finish.   The highly figured Maple neck with grained-ivoroid bound ebony fingerboard has a 25 inch scale length and 12 frets to the body.

The 12-fret neck design harkens back to the earlier days of the guitar, before banjo players ‘converting’ to the more  popular guitar requested more access to frets.   This design moves the saddle closer to the center of the vibrating area of the top, increasing volume and tonal response.

For hardware, Scheerhorn guitars built by National Reso-Phonic feature chrome Gotoh tuning machines, and chrome National style resonator cover and tailpiece.

Squareneck guitars play well though ‘action’ is less of a concern, and Scheerhorn designs tend to be quite easily heard over other players in the band.

Serial Number: Varies as new, built by National Reso-Phonic in San Luis Opisbo, California.

Pricing: $4,089.00 Canadian dollars or $3,220.00  US dollars (based on 1.27% exchange rate).
NOTE: Exchange rates change daily!

Hard shell, archtop ‘Canadian’  case by TKL included.

Status: Available

Price: $4089.00 CAD
  • Model: L-Body
  • Year: Current
  • Class: New
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Condition: Brand New

  • Not Consignment

  • Including Hard case

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