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? Canada Day ? Feature – Stan Rogers’ William Laskin Guitar (Not For Sale)


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Many instruments pass through The Twelfth Fret Repair shop, and some are significant by themselves. On the occasion of ?Canada Day? and by generous special permission, we’re delighted to share these photographs of the late Stan Rogers’ 1977 William Laskin guitar (which is not for sale) and this story by luthier G. W. Barry with you.

Stan’s Guitar

Stan Rogers created a legacy of songs that celebrate our country and the spirit of its people. His musical and lyrical craftsmanship made him a songwriter for the ages. His untimely passing in a tragic airline disaster ripped a page out of our young countries cultural fabric far too soon — but, his songs live on and will never be forgotten.

Recently, the lovely and gracious Ariel Rogers (Stan’s widow) brought Stan’s 1977 Laskin guitar in for some light refurbishment (a bridge reglue, fret-leveling and re-crowning and set-up. Routine things we do here at the Fret – this guitar is a sturdy one!) Ariel permitted us to show you these photos of what I believe to be an iconic Canadian instrument. William (Grit) Laskin’s guitars are renown the world over with good reason, and to think that many of Stan’s classic songs were written and performed on it. Well, I must confess to a few wistful moments while doing the work.

You see, I first saw Stan, his brother Garnet and David Alan Eadie perform at my college coffeehouse in Montreal in 1979. Between intense sets of what I can only describe as ‘power-folk’ I snuck up to the stage to have a look at what Stan was playing.

It was ‘this’ guitar, in practically new condition.I was not only blown away by the music but also the thought that this instrument had been handcrafted by an individual? How could this be?? It was gorgeous, perfect in every detail and sounded so amazing!

This encounter lit my passion for guitar making. Shortly thereafter I would seek out this new (to me) world of Canadian guitar makers. Eventually this led me to an apprenticeship in Jean Larrivee’s Victoria B.C. workshop and a career path in guitar making and restoration that I’ve enjoyed ever since.

So, as trite and tardy as it may be. Thank-you Stan…I guess is what I’m trying to say here.

Happy Canada Day!

~ Gord (G.W.) Barry –  for The Twelfth Fret ~



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