Just for Fun – A Gold Tone Banjo Uke Takes the Spotlight

The Ukulele is really making a comeback lately, and one of the louder styles of uke (this can be important!) is the Banjo Ukulele.

The Banjo Ukulele is, as the name suggests, a ukulele neck on a small banjo pot. Some are open back, some have a covering to act as a small resonator. In some ways, it’s very much like English Music Hall banjos – four gut strings and a short scale length, intended to accompany singing.

Gold Tone make some of the best banjo ukes, and a Gold Tone Banjo Uke takes the spotlight in this great little video from The Gregory Brothers. They take a current pop tune and rearrange it for banjo uke, snare drum, guitar and voices. No huge set or effects, just the tune, the players and a microphone. I’d have to say… buy their record.

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