SOLD!!! Duesenberg Double Cat 12

The Doublecat echoes the detailing of a British Invasion classic with better playability, more versatility, stable tuning and better construction. Let’s not even get into the flawless fretwork and intonation. Okay, I admit…Duesenberg guitars had me after writing the first sentence. This lovely specimen has a cat’s-eye sound hole very much like a Rickenbaker guitar yet excels with the updated electronics. The Doublecat 12 sports a PAF style humbucker in the bridge and a P90 in the neck and makes for a wide array of tonal options. The body consists of a two-piece alder body with a maple top. The bridge assembly configuration also echoes the long discontinued Charvel Surfcaster guitar (I’ve always been a sucker for those!!!). The Doublecat 12 really created quite a stir with customers when it graced the wall of our store. All you need to invoke those classic Brit invasion sounds is the DoubleCat 12 going through our loveable Janglebox and presto…Instant twang!!!


* American Alder body with Maple top venner
* 22 fret neck
* 25.5″ scale length
* 1 3/4″ neck width
* Bound fingerboard, headstock and top
*Duesenberg DP90 neck pickup
* Duesenberg Grand Vintage humbucker bridge pickup
* Open adjustable vintage tuners