SOLD Huber Workhorse Curly Maple Banjo

Here’s a new Huber Workhorse Curly Maple Banjo! The finish is a darker stained satin, with nickel plated hardware throughout.

At last – a Huber banjo that won’t break the bank! The Huber Workhorse Maple is Huber’s new Mastertone Earl Scruggs Standard style ‘clone’ model, with the Huber 844 Tone Ring,  Hearts & Flowers inlays, nickel hardware and Sims maple rim. The Satin finish feels like a lovely old banjo.

If you are looking for a Gibson banjo, this will give you that classic modern Gibson tone with fit & finish that is FAR superior.

Note – Gibson hasn’t made any banjos since the devastating 2010 floods in Nashville, and there’s no sign of any plans to restart production. So, if you’re looking for the Mastertone style, this is a good way to get it.

The Huber Workhorse Maple banjo provides a loud pop with that classic ‘cluck’ one expects from the Mastertone flathead, with the added snap of maple one gets from the ES  Standard Mastertone style of construction.
A hardshell case is included.

Also available in Mahogany at the same price.
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Serial Number: Varies as New.  Built at Steve Huber’s workshop in Hendersonville, Tennessee USA

Pricing:  $3299 Canadian dollars, or $2598 US dollars, based on 1.27% exchange rate.
NOTE: Exchange rates change daily!