Nechville Flex-Tone Bluegrass Banjo

Tom Nechville has just shipped us our first of his new line, the Nechville Flex-Tone bluegrass banjo!

The Nechville Flex-Tone series starts with the Classic FT banjo. The Classic FT features a Classic peghead, the stylish Diamond Blossom inlay on a non-radiused fingerboard. A comfort beveled armrest, Nechville Enterprise compensated bridge and the Nechville inline tailpiece make this a solid, snappy bluegrass banjo.

The Nechville neck system allows for easy adjustment of the action, and even simple removal of the neck for easier travel packing.

These professional-quality instruments are built with bluegrass playing in mind, and the Nechville Flux Capacitor gives them all the adjustablilty of other Nechville instruments!

Basic Construction Features for the Nechville Flex-Tone Bluegrass Banjo:
– Maple neck and resonator
– Ebony Fingerboard
– Diamond Blossom Inlay
– Pro Bluegrass Pot
– Nechville PreWar Style Tone Ring
– One Piece Flange
– Comfort Beveled Armrest
– Nechville Inline Tailpiece
– Nechville Enterprise Fully Compensated Bridge

Click here to visit the Nechville website and learn more about the Nechville Flex-Tone Bluegrass Banjo!

Serial Number: Varies as new, built at the Nechville shop in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA.

Pricing:$2,939.00   Canadian dollars or $2315.00 US dollars (based on 1.27% exchange) with Nechville Archtop Hard Shell Case