Applecreek Mountain Dulcimer

The Applecreek Mountain Dulcimer in cherry is a good, lower cost alternative to the McSpadden models.

Build of solid cherry with old-world craftsmanship, the Applecreek has all the traditional mountain dulcimer features.

The mountain dulcimer is uniquely a North American instrument and was probably adapted from zithers brought to the United States by German immigrants. As North America became more urban, quiet folk instruments like dulcimers lost popularity, but the folk revival of the late 1950’s brought them back with innovations such as full-width, carefully placed frets.

While mountain dulcimers usually lack full chromatic frets, this means that once in tune, it’s very easy to play pleasing melodies with little chance of ‘wrong’ notes.

The Applecreek Mountain dulcimer, with bag, sells for $389 Canadian dollars, or $299 US dollars (based on 1.30% exchange rate).
NOTE: Exchange rates change daily.

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