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Other New Banjos

We carry more banjos than the brands listed above… here are some of the other brands we carry.
We set up instruments to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.

Huber Workhorse Curly Maple Banjo

Huber Workhorse Curly Maple Banjo

Huber Workhorse Mahogany Banjo

At last - a Huber banjo that won't break the bank! The Huber Workhorse is Huber’s new Mastertone RB-3 'clone' model, with the

Huber Lancaster TrueTone Banjo

Today we're looking at a new Huber Lancaster TrueTone banjo. This banjo is built to reflect the most prized pre-war 5-string banjos, which were

Huber Lancaster and Berkshire TrueTone Banjos

Steve Huber is a unique individual; a superb player who is also a gifted Luthier and technician. Among his many achievements, this incredible “renaissance

GoldStar Banjos – September Sale!

GoldStar banjos remain the cream of the crop of the “Gibson Clone” banjos, individually built by Saga Musical Instruments. They own and operate their own workshop

Recording King RK-Scout Sonny Osborne Banjo

Displaying custom specifications selected by Bluegrass icon Sonny Osborne, the Recording King RK-Scout Sonny Osborne Banjo features a classic Recording King peghead with Osborne’s


Recording King Banjos: The Professonal Model RK-R80

The Recording King Professional model resonator banjo combines classic pre-war style features and desirable modern touches to create the ultimate bluegrass banjo. This model features


Steve Huber Banjos: The Lexington Model

The Huber tone ring is an exact replica of the great "pre war" rings that were used in the classic flathead banjos of the 1930's.


Steve Huber Kalamazoo Banjo

Steve Huber Banjos represent the very finest in modern banjo construction - but designed and manufactured to a higher standard: the classic flathead banjos of