Beaver Creek 4 Course Tiple Conversion

Here is an interesting Beaver Creek 4 Course Tiple Conversion.

Sometimes, players need instruments in forms that aren’t readily available, and custom builds are out of the question due to factors like time and costs. In these cases, we have to try to find a way to meet the player’s requirements.

Recently, we received a request for what is essentially a Colombian Tiple, with four courses of three strings each. There are many other forms of tiples, often particular to a nation or region; for example the Puerto Rican tiple often has three to five single strings, and the Cuban tiple has five courses of two strings each.

So, because there aren’t a lot of local suppliers of this type of instrument, we converted a Beaver Creek 12-string travel guitar with a new nut and saddle, and this provides an immediately working solution. As a bonus, these come with Shadow passive pickups so it can plug right in.

Serial Number: Varies as new.

Pricing: Varies depending on the base instrument, and what work is required.

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