Capek F5 Basic Mandolin

Comments Recently we were visited by Rost’a Capek and his wife, who live and work in Prague, Czech Republic. Capek has been building instruments – primarily banjos and mandolin family members – for bluegrass and jazz players for over 26 years. Given the long history of European craftsmanship, it’s great to see these new instruments making it to North America.

We’ve just taken delivery of a Capek F5 Basic Mandolin model, and it is impressive. The build quality is very high and the instrument sounds great.

Visit Rost’a Capek’s website here

Serial Number 350, dated 2103/6. Built at Rosta Capek’s shop in Prague, Czech Replublic.
Pricing $4,250.00 CAD with molded hardshell case.
Neck Maple neck with bound ebony fingerboard.
Frets 22 Narrow mandolin frets.
Body This mandolin uses the classic F-style scroll body, with carved spruce top, curly maple sides, and carved lightly curled maple back.
Finish Gloss, fairly dark traditional sunburst finish.
Hardware/electronics Engraved tailpiece, open tuners with pearlescent buttons.
Playability/Action This mandolin plays extremely well.
Case Molded Capek case included.

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