A Tour of the Gibson Acoustic Shop in Bozeman, Montana: Part 6

So far, we’ve looked at the production process and the Custom Shop at Gibson in Bozeman. Now, we’ll take a last look at the artist models that are designed and produced here.

Artist models are usually made after consulting with the artist, who specifies particular features that suit their needs, playing styles, and tonal and visual aesthetics. In the case of the John Lennon J-160E set, the design is based on the orginal J-160 used on Beatle recordings, the later modified versions, and with the cooperation of Yoko Ono. The drawings on the natural version are based on Lennon’s original sketches.

The last image isn’t an artist model; it’s the back of a 50th Anniversary Hummingbird.

Also, there was a preview of a new model, the Super Dove. This is based on a scaled-down thinner cutaway J-200 shape.

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