SOLD!!! Gitane DG-250 Selmer Reissue

The Gitane brand of guitars fills the needs of Gypsy Jazz enthusiasts who want an authentic sounding instrument that plays well and is affordable. We have received a few shipments of the DG-500 ‘Grande Bouche’ instruments with the twelve fret neck joint and large D-hole but this is the first example of the long scale 14 fret ‘Petite Bouche’ version! We have just negotiated a better price on these instruments from our distributor (please email us for the new price).


* 1 3/4″ wide at zero fret
* 26 5/8″ scale length
* 14 fret neck joint
* low profile neck heel
* ebony fingerboard
* adjustable truss rod
* solid spruce top
* laminate back & sides (like the originals)
* rosewood binding
* ebony floating bridge
* original style tailpiece
* 15 3/4″ lower bout
* 4″ deep sides at end pin
* gloss finish