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Gibson Archtop

At the very end of the 19th century, Orville Gibson invented the archtop guitar, and in the mid-1950s Gibson introduced the thinline design with the Byrdland and the ES-335. The Twelfth Fret proudly presents Gibson arcthtops and thinline electric guitars. We set up instruments to the player’s requirements and we ship worldwide.


2015 Gibson Memphis ES-335 Cherry

The Gibson Memphis ES-335, sometimes classed as Custom Shop, is exceptionally well put together and these guitars demonstrate the versatility of the design.


2014 Gibson ES Les Paul Cherry Burst SOLD

Since its first appearance in 1952, there have been a fair number of versions of the Les Paul. From Memphis, the Gibson ES Les


2016 Gibson ES-275 Cherry

Here's something brand new, and a scoop on the Gibson website - from Memphis, the Gibson ES-275 thin hollow body archtop in classic cherry lacquer.


2008 Gibson ES-339 Thinline Tobacco Sunburst REDUCED

Introduced in 2007, the Gibson ES-339 follows the successful path of the ES-335 thinline archtop electric line but with a body just larger than a


Gibson ES-Les Paul White Top – Available in Black

Just in - a brand new, limited-run Gibson ES-Les Paul White Top! Blending the features of the Les Paul and the ES-335, the ES-Les


Gibson Dave Grohl DG-335 Pelham Blue

This very special instrument has just arrived from the Gibson Nashville Custom Shop - the Gibson Dave Grohl DG-335 in Pelham Blue, signed by Dave


Gibson ES-339 Studio

The Gibson ES-339 Studio is a new model, with the great features of the smaller ES-339 thinline electric model stripped down to the essentials.


2014 Gibson Byrdland

The Gibson Byrdland features a unique blend of large and small; a full 17 inch wide body with a 2.5 inch depth, and a


Gibson L-5 CES Wes Montgomery Archtop SOLD

Wes Montgomery was and is still one of the most influential jazz guitarists ever, and relied on a Gibson L-5 CES for most of his