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Michael Messer Resophonic Guitars

Michael Messer Resophonic guitars are built to the specifications of a master slide guitar player and singer- Michael Messer.     From Britain,   Michael Messer has been playing blues based music for decades.     He’s launched a line of affordable, yet high quality resophonic guitars to help players get that sound.   The Twelfth Fret is very happy to feature these excellent instruments.

Michael Messer Resophonic Guitars

We've just today received a shipment from Michael Messer guitars, including this steel body Blues 12-fret model with blue shaded finish.

Michael Messer Lightning Style 0 Resonator Guitar

The Michael Messer Lightning is a nickel-plated bell brass body, 1930's style 12-fret single cone resonator guitar, intended to provide the tone and vibe of

Michael Messer Blues Resophonic Guitars

We are now carrying the Michael Messer Blues Resophonic Guitar in both 14-fret and 12-fret neck versions, the Blues 28 (a wood bodied 12-fret) and