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We are proud dealers for Collings Guitars of Austin, Texas. We stock around 25-30 guitars and mandolins of their most popular models. We can also special order any custom models.

Collings Guitars have become popular with artists of several genres with customers as diverse as Lyle Lovett, John Prine, Keith Richards, David Grissom, Joni Mitchell, Edward Van Halen, Lou Reed and Paul Simon. Praise from these artists is not solicited. While some other companies give instruments in return for endorsements, every artist that plays a Collings has paid for it!

Born in Michigan in 1948, Bill Collings grew up in Ohio and then moved to Texas in the mid 70’s. A lifelong interest in guitars, tools and machinery led him to build a few guitars while working as a machinist in Houston. After relocating to Austin, Bill got serious about lutherie, and his company grew from a one car garage to its current 3200 sq.ft. facility.

Though the business has grown and processes refined, there is one thing that has not changed…Bill Collings’ commitment to building the finest acoustic steel string guitars possible.


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