JAM Guitar Effects Pedals

At the Twelfth Fret, we’re always on the look out for cool new products. Pedals are something that ooze instant gratification. For relatively little money, you can completely change your sound with the simple stomp of a switch. Pedals come in so many shapes, sizes and colors. Enter JAM Guitar Effects Pedals.

We instantly fell in love with these “designer” pedals handmade in Greece. They are built one at a time, with love and patience and are all uniquely hand painted by the amazing and talented Aggelos K. in various colors, motifs with names humorously close to the original historical designations. They even come with a unique tie string bag that looks like it was sewn by someone’s “giagia”  (It means “Grandmother”in greek for those not in the know).

Aesthetics aside, these pedals are absolutely amazing. They are beefed up versions of classic pedals that we all love. We encourage you all to come down and try out some of these wonderful tone boxes and yell “Opa! Yassou Mihali” from the test rooms. All we need to go with them is some saganaki and galaktoboureko. Plate throwing is optional!

Mike McAvan


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