Kala U-Bass Bass Ukulele

Serial Number Varies as new.
Pricing $429 CND with bag gase.
Neck Mahogany neck with 20″ scale.
Frets Narrow frets, 12-fret neck; also available as fretless.
Body Spruce top with mahogany back and sides. Also available with mahogany top.
Finish Natural, untinted satin finish.
Hardware/electronics Peizo bridge pickup, magnetically-attached string access plate on the back. Semi-sealed, geared tuners in black finish.
Playability/Action This is really fun to play! Suitable for use in the car (unless you’re the driver).
Case Gig bag included.
Comments The U-bass is a very interesting, fun to play, yet great sounding extension of the Ukulele concept. The strings are a proprietary polyurethane allowing the 20″ scale to produce enough bottom end without being floppy or lacking clarity.

The amplified sound is definitely usable in a recording or performance situation, and is reminiscent of an upright bass.

Pitched and tuned like a standard bass guitar, and the strings use a ball-end fasterner simlar to the way a steel-string guitar bridge works. To change strings, just lift off back access plate (held in place with magnets), remove the old string and put the new one in, then put the back plate on again.

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