National M1-Steel – New finish!

Serial Number Varies as new, this example is 17068.
Pricing $4159 Canadian dollars 
National hardshell, archtop case is included.
Neck Mahogany neck with unbound ebony board. Joins the body at the 12th fret, pearl dot markers. Vintage style V-profile.
Frets 19 medium-width frets.
Body Maple M-1 body. Looks like steel, but it’s maple. Available as Tri-cone and single-cone.
Finish Pre-war steel “appliance” burst, also called “green burst” lacquer finish on body, clear lacquer on neck. An excellent representation of a metal body.
Hardware/electronics Chrome tuners with ebony buttons. Chrome tailpiece.
Playability/Action  These play as you’d expect from a National.   We will of course set up the instrument to the player’s requirements.
Case National-logo Hardshell case included.
Comments The looks of a metal body without the weight! A really striking instrument that sounds great. The wood body M-1 construction significantly
adds to the bass response. Tricone guitars have a lovely sweet and complex treble and incredible sustain compared to single cones; but not a lot of power in the bass.The wood body Tricone M-1 versions a very powerful bass response that sustains beautifully.

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